Rollercoaster Dreams announced for PS4 & PSVR

Rollercoaster Dreams screenshot

A new theme park management sim from the creators of PS2’s Rollercoaster World is heading to PS4 later this year.

Due for release on October 13, Rollercoaster Dreams lets players create their own theme parks and build their own rollercoasters then, thanks to the included PlayStation VR support, experience them in virtual reality. The game’s website also suggests you’ll be able to share your theme parks online with others, and visit other people’s.

“Of course, playing in the amusement parks is not the only feature of the game,” says developer Bimboosoft. “The main mode of the game is to manage and grow amusement parks. Show your management skill by development, advertisement, staff management, etc.”

Besides Rollercoaster World, Bimboosoft has previously developed Coaster Works on Dreamcast.

But while the game is set to launch alongside PlayStation VR, you don’t need a PSVR headset to play it: the game supports both VR and standard TVs. It will, however, only be available to purchase digitally. For the first look, check out the trailer below.


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