Resident Evil 7's finger will have a purpose, teases Capcom

Since releasing at E3, the Resident Evil 7 demo has driven some players to madness. You see, there’s a mannequin’s finger which does absolutely nothing, and fans are determined for it to have some use.

As Deputy Editor, Steve Burns explains, this is the current situation with the demo:

“In the demo, you have to escape a small farmhouse building, cabin-like in appearance and size. There’s a basement, a ground and second floor, and a hidden third area at the top of the house. The house is a derelict sort of place, very Jason Vorhees, and there’s all manner of spooky sightings – ghost girls, crows in microwaves, etc – to get you worked up while you find the key to escape.”

“The problem, so far, is that there is no escape.”

And this is where that blasted finger comes in to play. Capcom has today ensured that theories continue to mutate amongst fans posting on gaming forums, sending the following image to Resident Evil ambassadors.

As you can see the image indicates that the finger will be of use to players soon. It also suggests the single digit originally had no use, with Capcom potentially adding content to the demo in the future to make use of it.

Source: Capcom

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