Homefront: The Revolution's game-breaking PS4 bug to be patched next week

Homefront: The Revolution screenshot

A game-breaking bug preventing a “relatively small number” of PS4 users from progressing in Homefront: The Revolution’s single-player campaign will be patched next week, Dambuster Studios has said.

The developer had initially hoped to patch the issue this week, but says that it could have been “back to square one” had it not taken additional time to test the update.

“Patch 1.4 is in final testing with Sony & Microsoft. Patch 1.4 for Steam has now been released and is available to download,” said Dambuster on the game’s forums. “For consoles, all going well, the patch is looking like it will drop early next week if no issues are encountered by Sony and Microsoft. We understand this is still a few days away and whilst we are anxious to push it out, we also know that without throwing as much testing time on it, we could be back to square one.”

The bug, which was introduced in patch 1.03, saw some PS4 players’ icons removed from the game’s map, leaving them unable to progress. A second bug introduced with the patch, however, which affected the game’s Hearts & Minds stats, may not be totally fixed in the new patch, the developer warns.

Patch 1.4 will fix “many crash related issues across all platforms”, Dambuster says, and optimize the number of checkpoint saves in the campaign, meaning players should experience fewer pauses. PC players should also see better CPU performance.

“The team have all worked tremendously hard and are already working on further patches that will contain even more reported issues and fixes,” adds Dambuster, including fixes for SLI support, Hearts & Minds progress, and a fix for non-English characters used in login names.


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