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Steelseries Rival 5 gaming mouse

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The SteelSeries Rival 5 is a mid-range addition to the Rival series of gaming mice. At $59, it comes in above the $30 (£23, AUS$46) Rival 3 and well below the $79 (£79, about AU$100) Rival 600 and $119 (£119, AU$169) wireless Rival 650. At double the price of the Rival 3, the Rival 5 naturally offers some considerable upgrades, and it doesn’t fall too far short of its more premium siblings. Of course, the Rival 5 still has to face off against competition from without, like the versatile Razer Basilisk X Hyperspeed at $59 (£59, AU$109), which trades out RGB lights and extra thumb buttons for wireless performance.

The Rival 5 is showing off its heritage with looks that closely mimic the more premium Rival 600. SteelSeries has toned down the gaps between sections of the mouse, and the hard, Batmobile-esque angles around the main buttons have been slightly softened. The shape remains largely similar,  but it’s just a hair thicker in the front and thinner in the back. In the hand, it feels similar to the older Rival, but it’s noticeably lighter at 85 grams and lacks the option to add metal weights for those that like more heft. It also lacks silicone side grips, but the curvature and slightly rough texture make it easy to hold onto.  

SteelSeries Rival 5

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