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BoldGrid website builder

BoldGrid is a powerful drag-and-drop tool for building professional WordPress-based websites, but the biggest downside of this service is that it doesn’t include any web hosting options. The idea is that you build and test your WordPress site on BoldGrid’s Cloud WordPress platform and then transfer it to your choice of web host (all the big-name hosts are compatible, and most of the smaller ones are, too.) 

While this is less convenient than other similar services, it also has lots of benefits. The WordPress platform is as reliable and robust as you’ll get; it can easily be extended with a huge number of plugins; there are plenty of people and resources around to help you troubleshoot any problems, and your website can be freely migrated to another web host whenever you like (in contrast, most other website builders tie you forever to their own service.)


Here’s a snapshot of the plans and prices  (Image credit: BoldGrid)

Plans and pricing 

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