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FC2 free hosting

Launched in 1999, FC2 is a pretty popular blogging host from Japan and currently ranked as the third most popular video hosting service in its homeland. From January 2018, it gained status for being the 11th most popular website in all of Japan. The company is supposedly run by brothers Takahiro (Rihiro and Takahashi) and headquartered in Amstelveen (the Netherlands), where it employs around twenty full-time staff members and about thirty part-time ones. However, a 2016 survey done by Nielsen (a global marketing research company) shows a significant drop in the number of users, resulting in a fall from the third to the eighth place in Japan. 

Controversy has followed FC2 through the years, primarily for allowing hosting without putting any restrictions on the content including pornography, piracy and defamation. Fortunately, from 2012 onwards stricter rules have been enforced and the changes in Japanese law regarding the foreign entities operating in Japan have helped the injured parties seek justice.  

For those growing up in the early 2000s, FC2’s main website may feel like a walk down the memory lane with its old-school style and somewhat puzzling user experience. Everything seems straightforward at the beginning, but soon enough you might feel like being lost in a maze, faced with dead ends and some pages popping up in Japanese just to confuse you even further.


FC2’s blogging site is much more modern than its website page (Image credit: FC2)

Besides English and Japanese, FC2’s website is available in eleven additional languages, although the translation doesn’t appear to be total in some parts.  If you click on “Blog” (next to a cute rubber duck), you’ll proceed to FC2 BLOG’s website which is more modern, easier to use and available in all the same languages. 

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