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MiRider One

Two-minute review

The MiRider One is a tough, thoughtfully designed folding electric bike that costs a lot less than you might expect, and gives a smooth ride that belies its compact size.

A folding e-bike is the perfect combination for city commuting – small enough to tuck under your desk or take on the train, with the power to iron out hills on your morning ride and ensure you arrive fresh in the morning. It’s a tricky balancing act involving power, weight and size, but the MiRider One pulls it off admirably.

Its battery pack and magnesium alloy frame are surprisingly light, making it easy to lift whether folded or not, and you can call on a little power assistance when wheeling it along stretches of your daily route where it’s not possible to ride.

MiRider e-bike

MiRider One (Image credit: Future)

The whole bike feels strong and tough, and gives a smooth, comfortable ride. The rear shock absorber and soft saddle soak up bumps and dips, and the overall feeling is more like a full-size conventional bike than a folding one.

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