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FlickrPro is likely on any computer user’s list of photo sharing and backup sites. This is hardly surprising as this service was started back in 2004. It is currently owned by SmugMug since 2018. It boasts over 100 million users that rely on it as they have uploaded tens of billions of images which lets it lay claim to be “The world’s largest photographer-focused community.”

Flickr offers both a free tier, and a paid tier known as the FlickrPro plan. While the free tier was previously more generous in its photo storage, in 2018 updates were made that made it less attractive. Also, while there was a previous requirement to have a Yahoo! Account to use Flickr, this is no longer the case.


Flickr’s free version limits you to uploading 1,000 photos and videos (Image credit: Flickr)

Free vs paid

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