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TextCortex AI

Writing awesome product descriptions takes considerable time and effort. Using the appropriate tone, you have to emphasize the features and benefits most likely to resonate with the prospective buyer, then finish with a persuasive call to action. But what if you had the power to generate such product descriptions in an instant?

Making use of artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language generation (NLG) technology, TextCortex is a tool for the creation of product descriptions, app reviews, app descriptions, and other marketing texts. Read our review to find out where TextCortex stands among the best content marketing tools.

TextCortex AI Review

TextCortex offer pricing packages to suit a range of budgets (Image credit: TextCortex AI)

Plans and pricing

The TextCortex team promise “a pricing plan for every occasion.” There’s the option of signing up for a free trial of the Shopify plug-in or web app, allowing for the generation of up to 30 product descriptions. The free version can also be used to rapidly generate app reviews. And your account will be topped up with 10 free credits for each sign-up invitation sent to a friend.

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