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In comparison with veterans of the web hosting industry, MDDHosting is practically a newcomer in the business. The company was launched in 2007 and is headquartered in Mooresville, Indiana with a mission to provide an alternative to hosting services they saw as overpriced and therefore out of reach for many potential customers. 

To add a note of sentimentality, they insist that they do not see their clients as a number or a dollar sign, and will provide the highest quality service and support to each and every individual. A noble goal, but how much of it they have managed to fulfill needs to be checked.

Today they take pride in being a home of more than a few thousand websites over the world which they host from their network data centers situated in Denver, Colorado. On this subject, as many others, MDDHosting has been rather open, providing a substantial amount of information on its main website. The website itself looks rather blue-ish, feels fresh and is simple to use, which is always an encouraging sign.

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