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Atomstack Cambrian Pro

Over the years, I’ve seen a variety of different solutions to flexible filament printing. While most solutions work, it usually involves a swap of the print head along with quite a bit of adjustment and fiddling about. 

Enter the Atomstack Cambrian Pro, designed from the outset to print flexible filament, with the option, after a quick swap of the print head, to print standard materials as well. 

The printer on arrival does require some assembly, but it’s nothing too challenging, and thankfully the manual is quite detailed in its layout helping to explain where everything fits.

After the machine is bolted together, which takes between 5 and 10 minutes, you’re ready to go. There’s a series of printable models on the supplied MicroSD card that have been designed for rubber printing, or you can import and use your own using Ultimaker’s Cura software. 

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