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Corsair K100 RGB

The Corsair K100 RGB brings a nearly maxed-out feature set with media controls, macro buttons, and plenty of RGB to compete with the best gaming keyboards out there. At $229 (£229, AU$379) the Corsair K100 RGB is expensive, stepping up even from the $199 (£179, AU$349) Corsair K95 RGB Platinum. In fact, a good many of our favorite keyboards cost considerably less than this one while offering fairly similar capabilities. So, Corsair delivered a new level of keyboard performance to justify the price.

This keyboard comes with either Corsair OPX Opto-mechanical switches or Cherry MX Speed switches. Both options are built for fast actuation, our review unit uses the OPX switches with a 1mm actuation point, a 45g actuation force, and a 3.2mm travel. Those distances are a fair bit shorter than the common Cherry MX Red switches.

The combination of these fast switches with a new 4,000Hz polling rate is intended to make sure your computer registers your keystrokes incredibly quickly. The combination of a short 1mm travel is paired well with the 45g actuation force, as it reacts quickly but it’s not so easy to press down that we perform keystrokes any time we rest our fingers on the keyboard.

This keyboard performs phenomenally in gaming, but not exceptionally. A 1,000Hz polling rate is already intangibly fast, and jumping to 4,000Hz makes little difference. Playing Ghostrunner, perhaps one of the twitchiest games we’ve played recently, our inputs are certainly quick and responsive, but even at high frame rates and low response times, we’d be hard pressed to notice the difference 4,000Hz made.

What’s perhaps more valuable in gaming is the consistency of the actuation. We can hammer away on the F key to pick up loot on the ground in Call of Duty Warzone, and we don’t frequently run into an issue with occasional presses getting missed since we didn’t let the key up high enough. It can happen, but only if we keep the key very close to fully bottomed out.

Corsair K100

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