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Govee Flow Pro Wi-Fi TV Light Bars

Two-minute review

RGB is all the rage – from bulbs to headsets, it’s hard to find something that doesn’t sport some sort of rainbow utility. The Govee Flow Pro Wi-Fi TV Light Bars are a neat addition to any TV or PC setup that wants to spice things up a little bit with some color.

The premise is simple – a small camera sits atop your screen, and analyzes the colors being displayed, which are then relayed to two side lamps that you position behind. It’s straightforward, works exactly as it should, and adds a distinct level of ‘ooooh’ to wherever it’s installed. An added bonus of course is the ability to just leave it to color cycle with something soothing such as a candlelight effect, or even react to music during a party. The Flow Pro features RGBIC lighting, meaning that multiple colors can be displayed at the same time on a single strip of LEDs.

As fun as it is to look at, the overall effect is a little underwhelming, purely because what’s shown on your screen isn’t reflected as accurately on the lights. The end result is yes, you get a lot of pretty lighting in your room, but it’s not as nuanced as what you see on screen.

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