Halle Berry Reveals Secret Romance Behind the 'X-Men' Movies

Turns out, Storm was having an affair with another member of the team and no one knew about it.

The X-Men’s Wolverine famously has a comic book catchphrase in which he boasts that he’s “the best there is” at what he does. And, according to former X-Men star Halle Berry, what Wolverine does is have off-screen affairs with his teammates.

“Storm and Logan used to be lovers. It’s true. Storm and Logan had a thing,” Berry told Entertainment Weekly.

Of course, the definition of “true” is somewhat malleable here, but Berry went on to explain, “I joke in the movies. I’m like, ‘How come nobody’s loving on Storm?’ Like what’s wrong with Storm? Nobody is checking for Storm. … So we decided that Storm and Logan had a thing, and then Jean came and messed that up.”

If you ignore, for a second, the complicated timeline involved in making this happen — in the movie continuity, Wolverine joined the X-Men after both Jean Grey and Storm were part of the team, making the idea that “Jean came and messed that up” slightly unlikely — Berry has two things in favor of her fanfic theory. First, there was a cut scene from 2014’s X-Men: Days of Future Past that backs up her idea:

Additionally, the idea of a Logan-Storm romance is comics canon. The two characters hooked up in 2013’s Wolverine and the X-Men No. 24 after years of on-again off-again flirting — punctuated by each having different romances with other characters; Storm, at this point of comics continuity, was only recently divorced from the Black Panther — and the relationship continued until Wolverine’s death a year later. 

Whether or not Berry knew this or simply wanted to imagine that she and Hugh Jackman were secretly lovers behind everyone’s backs remains a mystery. But if nothing else, she can rest assured that in one version of the X-Men mythos, she was the apple of Wolverine’s eye right up until he died. Romance, unlike the comic book Wolverine, isn’t dead after all.

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